Pocket Diamond Sharpener

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Say Goodbye to the conventional Bulky, inefficient sharpening stones!!

Our Pocket Diamond Sharpener enables you to sharpen your tools anytime and anywhere you go! Not only that it is portable but its high precision grinder will always give you a fine, efficient, and super sharp result. Plus, it is double-sided with diamond grit technology that doubles the chances of restoring a damaged or dull edge.

This Pocket Diamond Sharpener is foldable, designed to protect the surface of diamond grit. It is made of a super high-quality materialwhich is suitable for kitchen knives, ceramics knives, scissors, outside knives, garden knives, agricultural knives. Bring back the sharpness of your dull tools now & Buy this Pocket Diamond Sharpener now! 


  • The double-side small and ultra-thin diamond sharpening stones perform easy, efficient and sharp sharpening and polish.
  • Double sided diamond design for the best choice. (400 Grit as coarse sharpen, 600 Gritfor fine honing)
  • Sharpens the toughest materials like tool steel, carbide, and ceramics
  • The folding sharpener is ideal for your toolbox or taking it on the road
  • Titanium Plated Diamond Whetstone and ABS black stripes handle for anti-skidding.
  • Widely apply to outdoor knife tool, scissors, gardening tool, etc.


  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: 12.5cm x 3.2cm x 1.6cm
  • Unfolded length: 22.6cm
  • Material: Titanium Plated Diamond Whetstone + ABS Black Handle 


  • 1 x Pocket Diamond Sharpener

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