Wall Hanging Fish Bowl

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Creative Attractive Amazing Wall Mounted Fish Tank!

  • Not only as a mini fishbowl, but also can be used as the vase of planting various aquatic plants

wall hanging fish bowl

  • New style popular wall plant tank,amazing decoration for your home wall

wall hanging fish bowl

  • Tank back with a wide hole for easy hang on or remove from the wall, easy to change the fish water and clean the fish bowl.

Product Description

  • Wall decoration:This wall aquarium made of high quality non-easy broken acrylic which is light but very durable.
  • Maximize your space:This wall fish bowl not only can decorate your wall but also can maximize your space as it doesn't need counter or table space.
  • Easy to Install: This wall fish tank has a small hole on the top, and will also come with a small wall anchor for easy install. fist, nail this wall anchor in a flat wall you want, then hang this fish tank with the hole up to the wall anchor, and now, you have a small fish tank!
  • Application: A useful fish tank for home or office decor, you can put plants, colorful stones or fishes in it , these fish bowl will make your wall interesting and full of vitality!

Acrylic Wall Aquarium

  • Made of high quality Acrylic.
  • Light weight not easy broken .
  • Best wall decoration with aquatic plant.
  • Suitable for indoor &outdoor wall in restroom, kitchen, living room, office, front door and yard wall.

Decorate your home with various plants in different rooms

Plant tank & Washroom

wall hanging fish bowl

Plant tank & Dining room

wall hanging fish bowl

Plant tank & Living room

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