Amazing Rug (Stops Dirt and Water in its Tracks)

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Stops Dirt and Water in its Tracks with these perfect floor mats! Perfect for your pets!

This Amazing Rug keeps dirt trapped at the doorway and out of your house.

  • Ultra-absorbent door mat fibres soak up dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Avoid dirty footprints on the carpet!
  • Non-slip backing
  • Easy to clean mat
  • Durable and long-lasting



NOTE: Please wash in delicate mode and avoid using bleach. Do NOT put the rug in the dryer as it can be shrunk due to the heat.


Door Mat Dimensions: 40 x 60cm ; 50 x 80cm ; 60 x 120cm ; 80 x 160cm
Thickness: 7- 8mm; Color: Coffee/Grey


 1 x Amazing Rug


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